ArtPadel Roofs

Our enclosures are designed specifically for padel courts. Ideally for day and night matches, sunny days and even stormy weather conditions.

The ArtPadel Roof for Padel courts is a covering based on an aluminum structure, which allows playing in unfavorable conditions on courts already constructed outdoors, thus increasing the profitability of the court.

The ArtPadel Roof consists of two distinct parts: aluminum alloy structure and 850G/650G PVC-Coated Polyster.

Key benefits of our Padel covers:

1. Avoids harsh direct sunlight in the center of the day.
2. It allows play in rainy weather.
3. No crystal condensation.
4. No condensation on glass panels.
5. Prevents the patio from getting wet from morning dew.
6. Split courtroom porch covers available.
7. Strong, stable and durable material.

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