What is the most important thing about the padel court glass, cost,beautiful or others? Nothing of them,guarantee the safety of the players is the most important,so We audited a number of glass manufacturers,and select 12mm Tempered Glass which already passed European and American U.S. Quality Standard for our padel fields.

As you know,The tempered glass is treated through a process to improve its mechanical properties. Tempered glass is two to five times stronger than ordinary glass. Also, this process improves its resistance to shock, compression, bending and tension. As opposed to the annealed one, the tempered glass has a greater resistance to both temperature changes and impacts produced during play.

If a glass breaks, the resulting pieces are not sharp – no danger.

According to the standards of the International Padel Federation for tempered glass (EN 12150) is 10mm or 12mm thick, with flat polished edge, with perfect planimetry and fully homologated. In ArtPadel,we all use 12mm tempered glass for our padel courts,18 glasses of 2.995×1.995mm, with 6 countersunk holes, in total 108m2.

Glass Thickness10mm & 12mm & 6+6mm Tempered Glass sheets with polished edges and countersunk holes.
Glass Size1995*2995mm
2500*1995mm or similiar size
Customized Size….
EdgeFlat Polished All Edges
Holes4-10 Countersink Holes by CNC
Packing9 pcs per case
14 pcs per case
18 pcs per case
Plywood crates
Quality StandardCE,SGCC,AS/NZS2208,CCC
NoteAt the customer’s request, the logo of their sports club, institutional image, etc., can be printed on the glass.

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