We Pay Attention To Every Details

We Pay Attention To Every Details

ArtPadel's Metal Structure

ArtPadel’s Metal structure formed by 3 mm thick Carbon-manganese steel which is widely used in the construction sector for elements outdoor exposed. It is high resistance steel against atmospheric corrosion and its mechanical characteristics and composition are complying with the UNE-EN 10155 Standard. It is also high-strength and galvanized steel.

The steel is treated on electrostatic spraying of zinc base powder and then spraying epoxy powder process,This kind of finish ensures the structure with high resistance against corrosion, ultraviolet rays as well as mechanical impacts. So it will increase the product life span and resistance against adverse climatology.

Screw system integrated into the structure,and all the nuts and bolts are made of 304 stainless steel.

EPDM rubber joints of the highest quality, with the same thickness as the metal section and 5mm thick, to absorb shock and vibration of the glass against the metal structure in our glass design with six holes.

Anchoring of tempered glass with countersunk screws 304 stainless steel and M10 metric, protected with UV-resistant 100% PE covers.

Electro-welded mesh of 50x50x4mm with double rigidity thanks to two tubes of 40x20x2mm at 1 and 2 meters high that prevent the fence from being deformed.

The ArtPadel Metal Structure

The manufacturing processes of the Metal structure of ArtPadel Courts are made by:

Precision cutting

ArtPadel use automatic laser cutters and CNC band saws to shaping and cutting the pieces with maximum precision and finishing.

Hot melt drilling and tapping machine

The integration of drilling and tapping is completed. Greatly improve production efficiency Greatly improve the accuracy of products Greatly improve product aesthetics

Robotic welding

guaranteeing its quality and avoiding future pores rust appearance.

Shot Blasting process

use shot blasting machine to do surface grinding of semi-finished products.This can both remove rust and increase the adhesion of plastic powder

Zinc and Plastic powder coating

Iron elements are coated with polyester paint, thermally set powder formulated with polyester resins. This kind of finish ensures the structure with high resistance against corrosion, ultraviolet rays as well as to mechanical impacts. Once the powder paint is applied electrostatically on the surface of the iron piece it gets 180ºC-200ºC heated in an oven where polymerization takes place.

In order to get Higher Quality, Longer Lasting, and Better Looking Padel Court, ArtPadel accpet personalized customization of the matal Structure based on RAL color system. It can optionally be painted in 2 tones e.g. a different color applied to the spotlights,pillars and Metal net.

Padel Structure
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