Build a private padel court (On the plot)

If you are lucky enough to have space to build a padel court on your plot, here are some tips to help you succeed with your project.


Padel courts are likely to require a building permit, but it comes down to what country and area you are in. Make sure to check with your local authorities before you start the project.
You’ll need enough space to build a padel court. Detailed information on exactly how much space you’ll need can be found higher up in the article.


The court generally requires a flat, well-leveled surface, which can be expensive to achieve based on what your plot looks like. Groundwork is typically not included in the price of the court, so do your research beforehand. You do not want unpleasant surprises later on in the project.

Padel court purchase

It is important to know all the pros and cons before selecting a padel court for your site. A private padel court is not likely to be used as frequently as a court at a padel club, so the same material requirements do not apply.

Do your homework and ask for references on private padel court constructions we have done for before you decide.

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