Completed works

Our latest installed padel courts.

These are some of our latest padel courts that we have purposely manufactured for our clients.

This last year we have grown more than ever, becoming leaders with more than 1100 courts in a year all around the world.

One of our latest courts was installed in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. However, we have also traveled to other continents such as South America, which is also at the peak of Padel, and for that reason we decided to establish a headquarter in Mexico. Therefore, as you can see, besides Europe, we also operate in the other five continents.

These are some of the pictures of our completed pader courts, if you want to see more, don’t miss out on our website and social networks. For more information send an Email to

We are extremely glad to see that each time the community that gets excited about this sport is bigger and bigger.

Calculated by qualified engineers, reinforced and customized to pass permits for Private Residences and Sports Clubs.

Our company provides an array of different Padel Court models which can be modified to fit our clients needs.
We specialize in installing courts for Sports and Tennis clubs as well as Private Residences.
We work alongside our clients paying attention to details making every Padel Court we install unique, beautiful and structurally sound. We provide you with calculations, drawings and details in order to pass city codes and wind load requirements.
For complete Padel Court construction information and to know more about our different PADELBOX court models, CONTACT US
and speak with one of our experienced sales managers.

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