Cost of Padel Court

There are a lot of companies nowadays that produce courts, in different countries as well. All of these companies are relatively easy to contact via social media or websites. There are also plenty of ‘intermediaries’ who can help you get quotes from these companies if you find this difficult. When it comes to projects, it’s definitely worth getting quotes from a few more companies, as I’ve come across quotes that vary by as much as 20,000USD for almost the same court. Many quotes include transport and installation costs, but may not include crane hire/local costs etc. It is important to read the details on the quotation carefully to see what is included.

Another reason for ordering more than one court is that it is often slightly cheaper if you are shipping the courts as many companies can include two courts in the same container. Many clubs will be put off by the high price quoted, but if you order 2 or 3 courts you will realise that the cost is not prohibitive, even in terms of quality (and we recommend that you don’t just go for cheap).

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