Craftsmanship Details of Pade Court

Court galvanizing is divided into electro-galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing.

In comparison, electro-galvanizing is less expensive and is suitable for customers to install in areas with lower humidity. The installation location has less rainfall or is relatively far from the sea to avoid the impact of humid sea breeze on the court. Or considering the cost, the client can install a cover in a relatively humid area to avoid the impact of this humid environment.

The cost of hot-dip galvanizing is relatively high, and Artpadel generally recommends installation within 1-2 kilometers of the seaside or in areas with excessive rainfall. Although the cost of the hot-dip galvanizing process is high, it has excellent resistance to rust and corrosion. The service life exceeds 15+ years.

Clients can make choices based on their own installation environment factors and budget costs. ARTPADEL has a variety of mature court designs to meet customer needs.

At ArtPadel China, we are driven by technology. We constantly strive to create and innovate to make sure that players get nothing but the best experience while playing on our patent pending surface!

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