Do You Know the Sport of Padel Tennis?

Do you know how padel tennis is played? Padel Tennis is played by four people on a 10x20m court (¼ less than a regular tennis court) surrounded by glass or metal mesh walls. Also, as in squash, it’s acceptable to bounce the ball on the court walls.

As with tennis, a net divides the court into two parts and players make use of a Padel Racquet, also known as Padel Bat, which is a string-less racket usually made of glass or carbon fiber. The point system is the same as with tennis: 15; 30; 40; Point or Deuce. A set is won when a team collects six games and there are at least a two-games difference. The winner is the best sets of three.

Padel court dimensions:

  • Players: Usually played as doubles on a 10 by 20 metres court. Singles use a 6 by 20 metres court instead.
  • Serves: Serves are always underhand. Balls that hit the walls around the court after bouncing on the ground are still in play.
  • Balls: Padel balls are required in official matches; these are similar to tennis balls but are slightly smaller. Padel is usually played casually with regular tennis balls.
  • Rackets: Padel rackets are made of a composite material without strings. The hitting surface is perforated. The racket is similar to the one used in platform tennis but has its own specifications.
  • Court: The court has a floor made of concrete, plastic or artificial grass. It is designed similarly to a tennis court, only smaller – measuring 10×20 m, with a 0.88m (34.6 inches) high net in the middle. The court is surrounded by 4 meter high walls made of glass or brick, or a fence when outside.

As a established padel court manufacturer, we can supply the full materials to install a padel court: 12mm tempered glass with CE; LED lights with CE; Metal structures; 12mm padel turf; Tennis poles & net; stainless steel Bolts & Nuts; PE gasket; All the spare parts for installation.

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