Measures for Maintaining Padel Court Glass

Padel court accessories glass requires investors to continue to pay attention to club operations, especially the padel court project installed outdoors.

Glass is divided into routine maintenance and replacement accessories.

Routine maintenance mainly occurs when outdoor rainy season and cold weather conditions require timely erasure of water droplets and water stains on the padel court glass. Under the blessing of cold weather, water damage and freezing will affect the rebound strength and trajectory of the ball, affecting the player’s experience.

Club holders need to pay attention to the friction of the strips holding the glass in place. Replace the tape in time to ensure the rebound effect of the glass. Every piece of glass has an extremely low self-explosion rate, so this requires club leaders to inspect the court under outdoor sunlight at a certain period to prevent the glass from being used for too long and causing the risk of self-destruction when players are playing.

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