New Design—–Padel Court Tent

Padel Court is the hot sale item of the season.

Art Padel design a new product—Padel Court Tent, also named padel court cover or padel court Canopy.

Sun protection, rain protection etc are met. The most important is that it can be customized with different width,different length and different height; one tent can cover one padel court, one big tent can cover several courts too. It’s top is 850g/m2 PVC-Coated Polyester and side walls can be 650g/m2 PVC-Coated Polyester. The PVC-Coated Polyester can be designed with different colors to make your padel court canopy like one artwork. The top of the paddle tent court can be designed with different shape, such as A shape, Curve Shape, arched,etc

As a temporary building, this kind of aluminum alloy tent can easily get the government’s construction approval. It can be built on the surface of various buildings such as grass, concrete floors, and roofs. It is very convenient and quick to build. It takes about two days for 8 workers.

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