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Both halves of the court must have the same area and horizontal markings. The width of all lines must be 5 centimeters. In covered courts, there must be 6 m of free space above the entire surface of the court. No element should intrude or encroach on this space. For new buildings it is recommended that the free height above the court is 8 m over the entire surface of the court, again without any objects. All lines should be white or black for maximum contrast with the color of the court surface.

The net has a length of 10 m, a center height of 88 cm and lateral anchors of up to 92 cm. (Maximum permissible tolerance is 5 mm). The outer surfaces of the two net posts correspond to the lateral constraints of the court (openings, gates or metal structures). These poles can be round or rectangular, but must have rounded edges. Returning to the court, this must be a completely enclosed rectangle. The perimeter is surrounded by walls made of various materials (glass or solid surfaces) and wire mesh, which provide a regular bounce to the ball (glass or solid surfaces), while the metal mesh has an irregular bounce.

The walls can be made of any transparent or opaque material (glass, brick, Plexiglas). It is important that these walls are able to bounce the ball regularly. Whatever material is used, it must have a uniform surface that is strong enough to optimize contact with the ball as well as with the players’ bodies and hands (to avoid any injuries). The walls must be a uniform single color, preferably green, blue or brown, but of a different color than the court. For glass-walled courts, which are most often used in international competitions, all materials must comply with the standards for tempered glass. The metal netting must be diamond or square. Simple twisted or welded mesh is usually used. In any case, the size of the apertures must not be less than 5 centimeters nor more than 7.08 centimeters.

The surface of the court may be concrete, cement, wood, synthetic material or artificial turf. Any other materials may be used as long as they provide a regular bounce for the ball. One color must be used and evenly applied and should be a different color than that used for the walls. The preferred color is any shade of green, blue or brown. Black may only be used for interior installations. Entrances to the court are located on either or both sides and must be symmetrical. There may be one or two openings on each side, either with or without doors. In the case of one opening, the minimum dimensions are: 1.05 m wide x 2 m high and the maximum dimensions are 2 m x 2.2 m. In the case of two openings: 0.72 m wide x 2 m high and the maximum dimensions are 1 m x 2.2 m.

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