Some Info on Cover

If you are in an environment that requires a canopy or cover then there are a few things to consider. The canopy should be a few meters more than the width and length of the pitch (or have sides) because if the canopy is the same size as the padel court, rain will still fall on the court. If the cover is only on top then you will want the court to face north to south due to the light at sunset. If the court is completely covered then it is irrelevant.

Heights vary but we recommend a minimum of 9 meters and if it can be 11/12 meters then even better. The court should be placed underneath the roof so that it is even on both sides, it should not be the case that one side of the court slopes down to the edge of the canopy and the other side has plenty of room.

In most cases when the weather is an issue the shelter can provide an extra 4-5 months of play time which is definitely worth it.

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