Some tips before you start padel!


Especially essential for the ankles, knees, pelvis and back, a good warm-up for these areas are extremely important!

You will notice that you make fewer mistakes in your game as you are able to turn on your own axis faster, thanks to the warm-ups.


Play very slowly in a 1 on 1 target practice. Pass the ball so that it bounces against the wall and hit as soon as it returns. You should practice a few times to progress faster.

After warming up, you can play a double game. Start slow! Precision and patience are very important in padel. Also, do not think too quickly that you have won a point because in padel, a ball passing your opponent is not a point won. The walls will quickly remind you of this fact.

When a rally is in progress, make sure you stay on your side of the court. Every ball on your side is yours, so go for it!

Padel is a dynamic sport that will test all your muscles! Enjoy every swing with our padel products!

At ArtPadel China, we are driven by technology. We constantly strive to create and innovate to make sure that players get nothing but the best experience while playing on our patent pending surface!

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