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The Padel courts from Art Padel Popular in Denmark, North of Euro

IF you ask for a high-quality padel court at a much more reasonable price, it is your wise choice to contact us.

As you know metal structure is an important part of the padel tennis court, People from Euro always ask for galvanized of their paddle tennis court, but as you know there are hot-dip galvanized, electro galvanizing and galvanized tubes all can be used for your tennis courts, do you what their difference are?

So please note that hot-dip galvanizing is different from electro-galvanizing. The first is the thickness of the galvanized layer, and hot-dip galvanizing is higher than that of electro-galvanizing. Secondly, the inner wall of the metal pipe is also galvanized by hot-dip galvanizing, but only the outer wall of the metal is treated by electro-galvanizing, so the corrosion-resistant effect of hot-dip galvanizing is stronger than that of electro-galvanizing.

In our hot-dip galvanizing process, after drilling and welding, the whole metal frame is immersed in a liquid zinc solution of 1000 degrees Celsius for treatment to ensure the best corrosion resistance treatment for the metal. However, some manufacturers will directly purchase galvanized steel pipes for production, but in the process of drilling and welding, the galvanized layer on the metal surface will be damaged, and the metal structure will first begin to corrode in these weak parts in the later stage.

That is why Art padel always uses hot-dip galvanized steel tubes and metal mesh to manufacture our high-quality padel tennis court. After professional surface treatment by our technicians, the warranty of our padel court is 8 years, and the service life can be 15+ years.

Panoramic padel tennis court
Paddle court from Art Padel China