What does it take to start playing Padel?

The court playing area of a padel ground is 20x10m wide. Each half of the court is a perfect square of 10×10 meters. The width of all lines on the court is five centimeters. The net on the centerline of the court is 10 meters long, 88 centimeters high in the center and 92 centimeters high at the ends.

The court usually consists of a combination of a Plexiglas (or solid concrete) wall and wire mesh. The back walls of the court should always be plexiglass and three meters high. These walls are then covered with 1m of wire mesh. The side walls are partly Plexiglas and partly wire mesh and should also be three meters high.

There are two gates at each end of the net on one side of the court and they remain open during the game as the Padel rule allows you to score off the court. The surface of the court can be concrete or artificial grass, or carpet.

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