What is artificial turf grass?

Artificial turf is one of the accessories of the paddle tennis court, filled with quartz sand, rounded washed and dried. Having a high resilience can reduce the risk of injury.

The specification of filled quartz sand:

Article size:0.3-0.8mm


ArtPadel has fully upgraded the artificial turf for paddle tennis courts to produce more wear resistant wide shaped curved yarns. Our Padel turf similar with Mondo Supercourt turf, both use the latest generation textured grass fibers.

The specification as below:

  • Height: 12mm;
  • Density: 55000 needles / m2;  Dtex: 8000;  Gauge: 3/16 ” PU backing
  • Standard: GB / T 20394-2006 <Sports Artificial Grass>, UNE 41958 IN;

Artpadel turf is easy to install. At the same time, the white line is tufted together with other colors of lawn to form a whole. There is no need to lay the white lines separately, which saves the construction time, and at the same time makes the padel court look flatter, more beautiful, and has fewer seams.

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