Why do people play padel?

Padel is a popular sport. There are the main reasons for its prevalence.

  1. Compared to other sports, padel requires less technology and strength when you first play, so everyone is in a more level playing field from the start. Serve with the ball under the arm, less pressure and the racket is closer to the hand, which makes it easier to control the shots.
  • Paddle improves aerobic capacity, which helps prevent health risk factors, and will make your heart stronger and more efficient. In fact, playing paddle will make you sleep like a baby.
  • Due to its special dynamic games (small space, long distance assembly, easy learning, visual and spatial challenges, social interaction, etc.), invite your body to produce higher levels of epinephrine and secrete more dopamine and endorphins than tennis or squash.
  • Padel has a strong social attribute, and 4-5 friends can gather to play ball.

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