ArtPadel Court-Adhere to Details and Continue to Upgrade

As padel sports gradually expand the scope of popular countries, the overseas market of ArtPadel padel court has gradually expanded and established stable customer cooperation relationships, receiving favorable feedback from customers.

Padel tennis ball is one of the fast-growing sports. The number of clubs and venues in various countries continues to increase. Having high-quality and uniquely designed padel courts is something that investors and operators need to consider. ArtPadel’s mature design experience, export project experience and customization experience will excellently meet any feasible needs of customers.

ArtPadel has been continuously upgrading product details and production processes, and is committed to providing customers with leading project experience. ArtPadel’s lighting equipment is a professional sports lighting fixture. At the beginning of the design, the impact of light spillage on athletes was carefully considered. Professional sports lighting fixtures will avoid this. The light does not overflow and prevents the light from shining directly on the movement angle of the padel ball. In addition, in order to avoid the uncertain risks caused by the net posts to the athletes’ movements, the ArtPadel tennis posts have been upgraded to an no sharp design, and the flanges have been upgraded to a semi-circular structure to prevent athletes from stumbling and scratching during exercise.

At ArtPadel China, we are driven by technology. We constantly strive to create and innovate to make sure that players get nothing but the best experience while playing on our patent pending surface! We look forward to working with you to explore more possibilities for padel courts!

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