Did you know that padel courts don’t always have to be the same?

Padel is thriving worldwide, particularly in countries with strong traditions of playing tennis.

On a professional level, the top players receive significantly better sponsorship contracts every year, and the World Padel Tour is committed to further develop the sport around the world.

The construction of new padel courts in various Asian markets has already been confirmed, which will further increase participation throughout the region.

Large corporations invest in padel, and you can expect the sport to continue to grow next year and beyond.

It is not a question of if, but when will the padel bug infect your country?

At Art Padel, we believe that each padel court is unique, that’s why we have been fulfilling the dreams and expectations of every client for years with the best courts and tent on the market.

Designed and manufactured by our highly qualified engineers, we work with the client to create a court that suits their needs.

Have an idea? Contact us and we’ll assist you.

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