If you want to build a padel court, you must get planning permission first of all. You cannot ignore the following issue: LIGHTS.

All of our padel tennis courts have been upgraded to LED lights, all aluminum alloy shell, good heat dissipation effect, longer service life, more reasonable lighting design, to ensure that athletes’ eyes are not being hurt.

All wires pass through the inside of the tube, not directly exposed to the outdoor environment, and the service life is longer 5 years warranty.

Our LED lights much different with others. Our LED lights are professional lighting for sports fields, which are professionally used in tennis courts and badminton courts. The light output angle is completely different from other ordinary LED lights. As long as the lamp head is installed parallel to the ground, the light can shine forward.

As you know the tennis ball is small and the speed is very fast, if the light is turned up, it will be glare to the players, and it is difficult to see where the ball is coming from. And our lights have solved this problem very well. They only need to be installed in parallel, and the light can shine forward to the entire interior of the site.

All of our LED lights , no glare, only 1200W total each court, but average LUX 400,Much high quality, our LED lights supply 5 years warranty .

So if you’re in the market to find an industry-leading pedal factory in China, look no further than us.

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