How to build a padel court? (The basics in 7 steps)

Padle is a popular sport, paddle tennis courts are in increasing demand. ArtPadel will provide the steps to build a padel court.

1. Padel court dimensions

The first step is to find a large enough area. The size of double court is 10*20m, and the size of single court is 6*20m. In addition, the size can also be customized. But please note—it is best to keep enough space to build the court, which helps to have a good sports experience.

2. Ceiling height

Measure the height if padel courts are installed indoors or in a tent. The best height is around 8m, because no one wants to lose points from hitting the ceiling.

3. Flooring

Having a perfectly leveled surface is essential for playing padel. It is recommended that you try to use a 18 cm thick concrete surface without pits or bumps. If you plan to build a court outdoors, you can install quick-dry pitch, which will help your court dry faster when it rains.

4. Surface

It is recommended to use artificial turf on the court surface. Artificial lawns are filled with quartz sand to protect the safety of athletes, thus conducive to rapid movement. The size of the quartz sand is usually 0.3-0. 8mm.

5. Building permits

Before you plan to build a court, it is essential to obtain a construction permit. For the specific process, please contact the local government.

6. Installation

The installation of ArtPadel isn’t difficult, installation manual will be provided for your reference. Generally a court 5 workers can be completed in 3 days.

7. Maintenance

Padel court’s maintenance is particularly important to improve the sports experience. Usually check the LED and the lawn once a month, and check the glass every week.

These are the process of building the ArtPadel. If you have any questions, please contact us in the following ways.

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