How to maintain turf ? 🧐

Padel is growing fast. Maintenance of artificial turf is essential to preserve the technical properties of the system in the long term and to guarantee the highest quality of play.

By arranging maintenance correctly, you can protect your artificial turf court from interactions caused by play and factors unrelated to sporting activities.

On an outdoor padel court, for example, you must also be aware of the effects of weather and pollution; however, there are other factors that can damage an outdoor artificial turf paddle court, such as resin from trees near the facility, areas exposed to sunlight or shade, and poor irrigation or drainage failures.

It is therefore important to schedule regular inspections, routine and special maintenance work as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of the tennis court.

Routine maintenance of a padel tennis court can be carried out by the owner or manager of the court, focusing on cleaning the court, proper maintenance of the infill (sand) and removal of weeds (if the court is installed outdoors).

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