Padel Court Construction

Like any building, padel courts needs to be built from the ground up. Having a solid foundation on which to build a padel court is a must.

After determining the padel court partner, the customer needs to decide on the configuration, material and color. These depend on the client’s personal preferences and budget.

Likewise, finding the right installation company is equally important. Professionals will install it in compliance with the installation instruction manual.

Indoor court V.S. Outdoor court

The first key to building a padel court is deciding where to install it: indoors or outdoors. The costs of both installation locations have their own characteristics. Investment costs may be lower in some areas and higher in other areas.

The padel court is installed indoors and is not affected by the weather. In terms of maintenance, less investment may be required. The glass of padel court and metal frame protects it from corrosion by wind and rain to a certain extent. Regardless of whether the weather is good or bad, it will not affect player movement. But for this reason, indoor installation requires sufficient height space.

Outdoor courts typically require more sand to fill, and sand is put into the artificial turf regularly. The cost of maintaining your padel court may require some budget.

Apart from this, should also consider the following points if you have a plan to build a padel court:

  • Some benches and tables can be installed around the court to increase the value of the court;
  • Providing a locker room, gym, lockers, food stalls, etc. can attract more people;
  • Whether cricket balls and cricket bats are provided.

The above are some references provided by ArtPadel. If you have plans to build a padel court, feel free to contact us. Looking forward to communicating with you. ArtPadel will be a powerful partner and provider.

At ArtPadel China, we are driven by technology. We constantly strive to create and innovate to make sure that players get nothing but the best experience while playing on our patent pending surface!

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