ArtPadel——Hot-Dip Galvanizing

ArtPadel, the padel court manufacturer, have been engaged in the development, design, manufacture and installation. Every process of the padel tennis court meets the strict requirements quality standard.

Especially, ArtPadel use hot-dip galvanizing to improve the corrosion resistance.

But please note that hot-dip galvanizing is different from electro-galvanizing. The first is the thickness of the galvanized layer, and hot-dip galvanizing is higher than that of electro-galvanizing. Secondly, the inner wall of the metal pipe is also galvanized by hot-dip galvanizing, but only the outer wall of the metal is treated by electro-galvanizing, so the corrosion-resistant effect of hot-dip galvanizing is stronger than that of electro-galvanizing.

ArtPadel are committed to providing high quality and reasonable cost paddle court.

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