We bring Padel Courts to every corner of the world!!!

We Art Padel are No.3 in the sports fence industry in China with more than 12 years of experience.

Why we are different in this Tennis Courts industry? Let’s talk about our welding.

Welding must not leave gaps. Once a gap is left, it is difficult for hot-dip galvanized zinc liquid and electro-statically sprayed powder to enter the gap and can not be completely closed. In a short period of time, the cracks will rust. we upgraded laser welding in January 2022, the welding is more beautiful and stronger.

The metal mesh is welded in correct place, leaving no gaps. According to client’s requirements, the surface of metal pipes is first hot-dip galvanized, and then high-temperature electrostatic spraying; or some clients may not want hot-dip galvanizing due to budget constraints, then we will spray zinc-based powder first and electrostatic powder next.

And that is our secret to be top Padel Courts Manufacturer in China!

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